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Price : Just 8.00 $ !!!
Shipment : e-mail
Platform : Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP
Version : 1.02

Zcrab Alpha Matrix Display is a powerful OCX control for your applications which can be used to graphically represent a string composed of an arbitrary number of digits and other characters.There is a large predefined set of styles and color combinations among which you can choose.Digits are generated representing each one a digit.Thus this control is much faster and simpler to use that most of the available resizeable control.

Zcrab Alpha Matrix Display was written entirely in Visual basic and is composed of strongly optimized code, the distributed OCX file only contains the essential code needed to perform the required features. There are no memory leaks, all the allocated memory and graphic resources are gracefullyreleased.

Zcrab Alpha Matrix Display is designed in such a way that all the drawing is performed in onesingle operation,the control redraws itself on the screen even faster!

If you are developing an application and found Zcrab Alpha Matrix Display nearly perfect for you needs except for small details, please feel free to contact us: let's talk about it

This is the full set of the 96 character you can use in DisplayedString:

Trial version Note: the trial version has one major restriction with respect to the full version: it is not possible the change the text shown inside the control.The full version works in the same way as far as a valid license number is specified: after that it is possible to fully exploit all the features.